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Spanish WordPress Guru, Sofia Web, to be Featured in Highly Anticipated Forbes Mexico Interview

According to Forbes, Web is changing the face of education in Latin America through her online tutorials. MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED…

By Staff , in Wordpress , at June 16, 2021

According to Forbes, Web is changing the face of education in Latin America through her online tutorials.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Spanish WordPress guru, Sofia Web, is pleased to announce she will be featured in an upcoming article for Forbes Mexico.

Sofia Web, lovingly known as the “Guru of WordPress,” is a 28-year old YouTuber from Mexico City. Web has the largest and most successful WordPress YouTube channel throughout Latin America, with her channel showcasing over 9.5 million views from more than 23 countries.

In her most recent news, Web is excited to announce she will soon be featured in an exclusive and highly coveted Forbes Mexico interview. In the interview, which will be published by the news agency, Web discusses her journey as a student to her stardom as one of Latin America’s most successful YouTubers. The interview showcases Web’s incredible talent, passion, and knowledge for developing informative, yet fun, WordPress YouTube courses and tutorials.

“I am so incredibly pleased to be contacted by such a prestigious organization such as Forbes,” says Web. “To be recognized for all of the countless work I’ve put into my YouTube channel is such an honor. You see, Latin America isn’t like the US or Canada when it comes to technological education. We are so far behind in this regard and I knew it was imperative to help my community in any way I could by promoting the use of WordPress through free, educational, and easy-to-follow videos.”

Sofia Web’s journey started when she was just 22 years old – creating her very first website, which CNN called the “Startup that was going to beat Despegar.com.” Within a few months, Web had attracted 500,000 users, prompting her to sell the website and begin her goal to create the best free WordPress content for people in Latin America.

“My life’s purpose is to ensure all of my content is always 100% free,” Web states. “We’ve had the opportunity to work alongside the biggest WordPress companies in the world, such as Elementor, Elegant Themes, GoDaddy, and more, and for most of them we are one of their top affiliate sellers in the world. This is truly a dream come true and I look forward to what the future holds.”

For more information about Sofia Web, please visit www.sofiaweb.com or check out her online WordPress videos at www.youtube.com/sofiaweb.

About Sofia Web

Sofia Web is a Mexican WordPress YouTuber with over 133,000 subscribers. Web is known as the “Guru of WordPress,” and as such, was recently awarded the YouTube Silver Award for reaching the 100k subscriber milestone. Web’s channel is fully verified and Entrepreneur.com has touted Web as ‘one of the best digital marketers in the world.’

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