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London draws millions of visitors in every year. Among them are ambitious internet entrepreneur like Fernando Raymond looking to make it big in this competitive melting pot.

They quickly realise that it takes determination, patience, and persistence to get anywhere in this city. This was true for internet entrepreneur Fernando as he initially jobbed at fast food restaurants to pay the bills before he made it.

Fernando always dreamt of being his own boss, which lead him to getting into blogging with WordPress. He was inspired by successful internet entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, digital nomads and bloggers sharing their adventures online and in books.

He taught himself all about WordPress through YouTube tutorials and online courses as he realised its potential and set up his first own business blog, blogging about SEO, which was the launch pad for his first online business, SEO agency ClickDo.

Blogging as a driver for career development and entrepreneurship

Fernando explains: “There is a myth circulating that one can only start a business with significant funding. Many also believe that to progress in their career they solely rely on corporate professional development and promotion”.

Fernando wants to empower people to believe in themselves, their dreams, and aspirations and that they can take matters into their own hands with a website.

“As an underdog in London, I realised how hard it was to find employment in more senior positions after I graduated with a master’s degree in business at the University of Worcester,” he continues.

After his blog started ranking on search engines, he received SEO enquiries. He’d established himself as an SEO consultant by writing about his SEO work and cases studies. This didn’t go unnoticed and soon he began to generate an income from his SEO consultancy services.

Fernando says: “I spent under £100 initially on my domain and web hosting and running paid Google and Facebook ads. It didn’t happen overnight, but while I was still in employment earning a regular salary, I built ClickDo on the side until I was ready to go full-time into entrepreneurship mode.”

Because of this experience, Fernando, who now owns two businesses in London, ClickDo and SeekaHost, a web hosting provider, understands the significance of an online presence and web property and wants to make it as easy and affordable as possible for people to get started online. He invested the last 2 years in developing a tech solution with his team that allows anyone to register a domain and get it hosted in under 5 minutes for an initial cost of just £6.

Ways the SeekaPanel can help with building a successful website for business

Whether one is looking to start a blog, an online portfolio or business website, what makes it a realisable and sustainable venture is the ease of use, especially if they’re doing it while working in a full-time job.

Fernando realised how complicated web hosting and building a website was when he started and now has an expert team that implements solutions to make this far simpler in SeekaHost’s SeekaPanel.

Compared with other web hosting providers and control panels to manage a website, SeekaPanel users will get the following features with SeekaHost:

  • Easy to navigate dashboard that is beginner-friendly with navigation menu in main panel to quickly get to domains, hosting, payments, and support.
  • Register a new domain in under 1 minute in the navigation menu under domains or by typing in a domain name in the search bar in the dashboard. Simply click on the option preferred, add to cart, and pay and the domain is yours.
  • Host a website in under 4 minutes by clicking on “Websites & Blogs” in the main menu, then choosing the website to install and clicking the “Create New WP Site” to add the registered domain. Enter all details and get it live and hosted with the selected hosting plan with one click.
  • View all the important details related to your websites in the dashboard, including the storage size, backups, analytics, SSL status, online status, and more for fast and easy management.

The SeekaHost team are currently working on the mobile app for the SeekaPanel and once it is ready, Fernando expects his solution to revolutionise blogging and website management and to make it accessible to any demographic from anywhere.

Imagine one has an idea for a blog or website, they head to their SeekaHost mobile app and enter the domain name. They buy and host the available domain in under five minutes and start blogging there and then.

Creating and publishing web content with one’s own web property has never been easier. Many use social media platforms to share their content as it is very convenient, but such accounts can be suspended at any time. Publishing content on one’s own website will provide them with ownership and control of their online presence for their career or business journey.

Anything is possible online with the right resources

Starting his first WordPress Blog was an important steppingstone on Fernando’s journey to live the independent life he envisioned, managing his business operations remotely while traveling, meditating, and doing the things he loves.

This would not have been possible without his websites, the input and solutions from the web that helped him along the way as well as a competent team of web developers and designers. He is confident that with the SeekaHost Control Panel it will be much easier to get started with a website. However, making a website a success takes hard work as Fernando learned.

“To make ClickDo the leading digital marketing agency it is today took me 3 years of full commitment and the internet never stands still so you need to be on it.”, he says.

He therefore recommends anyone to learn basic SEO and WordPress skills to grow their website. His two companies offer additional support around starting a blog with WordPress, SEO, and marketing tutorials plus web design, SEO, and marketing consultation services.

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