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Pa. veterinarian’s hilarious “welcome back” video goes viral

Southtown Veterinary Hospital near Montrose made a video as a way to welcome the public back into the building, and…

By Staff , in Video Marketing , at June 17, 2021

Southtown Veterinary Hospital near Montrose made a video as a way to welcome the public back into the building, and it went viral after being on Facebook for one day

MONTROSE, Pa. — Employees at a veterinary hospital in Susquehanna County made a video to post on Facebook as a way to let their clients know it is almost time to welcome them back into the building. The video went viral after only being posted for one day. 

“When it hit 100,000 last night, and then 200,000 and then 300,000 this morning. It’s like in 24 hours, 300,000 people have seen this video,” said Dr. Robert Sullivan, or as he is known at Southtown Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Bob.

Now 24 hours later, Dr. Bob and the rest of the staff sort of feel like celebrities.

“We did it for our staff, we did it just to have fun and see how it went. And it’s turning out to be more serious than what we thought it was going to be. I’m caught up in it because all I did was walk around the office and acted myself,” Dr. Bob explained. He says he has heard from other vets all over the world thanking him for making them laugh when they needed it most. 

“Being able to make this video, and make this really funny thing during these trying times, our job is really hard, we deal with a lot of emotional stuff. It was just so much fun to put that all aside and just laugh with each other all afternoon and we’ve been laughing watching the video ever since it was posted yesterday,” receptionist, vet tech, and now the star of the viral video, Meganne Luecke, said. 

In the video, every time Dr. Bob swears, he has to buy the staff lunch. There are shout-outs to places like Anthony’s and The Madhouse Cafe. This is a nod to all of the local restaurants and pizza places the staff frequented over the last year and a half, something that was really important to Rebecca, Dr. Bob’s wife, practice manager, and the brains behind this whole thing. 

“The soup, the pizza, the salads, the hoagies, everything, locally, they got us through, so this community is encompassing. They have taken care of us, and we’ve, in turn, feel like we’ve taken care of them and their pets,” Rebecca Sullivan explained. 

Dr. Bob even made sure to use a local marketing company to produce the video. LORE Marketing and Media is a Montrose-based company and just starting out. 

“It makes me feel good knowing it has brought joy to that many people. I got to work with a great group of people making it and who were willing to work hard and see it through,” said Edward Luecke, LORE Marketing and Media. 

Southtown Veterinary Hospital will be welcoming folks back into the building on Tuesday, July 6.

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