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How Leading Marketers Redefining The Marketing Content Experience?

Content has always been the king, and it holds true even today! More than 85% of today’s brands use content…

By Staff , in Video Marketing , at June 17, 2021

Content has always been the king, and it holds true even today!

More than 85% of today’s brands use content marketing, but less than half of them do content marketing the right way. Content marketing unfolds a lot of hidden corners of the brand that even seasoned marketers are unaware of.

Although content marketing is the need of the hour – your customer wants information, right information at the right time in the right place – and only the perfect content creation makes this possible.

See, how a few stellar brands have undertaken great content marketing strategies and have redefined the content experience for their audience:

Have you ever tried to Google questions related to financial investments? If so, we are sure that you would have come across the information on Investopedia. They are using a mindful and marvelous content marketing technique that brings over 33 millions visitors on the site per month. Two primary reasons for this:

  • The site owners are creating incredible content architectures that satisfies search engine norms and users.
  • They are making complicated financial topics easy to read and understand with the help of real-world examples.

So, what is their content architecture? They are using the very popular hub-and-spoke model for entire broader keyword pages (hub), which are linked to the spokes. The moment a user starts reading a blog, he comes across a table of content with clickable links.

The links further direct the user to the in-depth definition of the sub-topic, and this way, the user can find out everything that he wants to read here. This kind of internal linking is rewarded by Google as well.

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Takeaway: create a strong content architecture that remains consistent throughout the website.

If you want to see how content marketing helps a brand flourish, reach out to HubSpot without delay. HubSpot is undoubtedly one of the strongest examples of content marketing. They were of course, the earlier adopters of content marketing and they plan incredible customer journeys that also helps new prospects at the point of purchase when they are ready. So, what is so special about HubSpot’s content marketing strategy?

First, they have a wide funnel, and similar to Investopedia, they have all information related to sales and business strategy. At the end of each article, HubSpot adds a CTA to try their free content marketing software. Even if the user does not download any software, the least the site will ask him to do is share an email id.

Takeaway: HubSpot teaches us that you must start pulling people in your funnel through the content. Never let your users leave the website without taking an email address.

Jay Shetty has been the talk of the town for sharing amazing relationship videos. He also shares his own personal lessons that he has learnt throughout his life. Eventually, people found that his work is unique and very relatable to their own lives. Today, he has more than 20 million followers and this figure is growing every day.

What was so special about his content, let us look at the following points:

  • He took a unique angle. His storytelling edge gave him a niche and gradually he gained traction over  social media.
  • He is present everywhere. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, you find his videos everywhere. He also hosts a podcast where he brings some renowned guests like Dean Grazioso and so on.

Takeaway: Taking a cue from what Jay Shetty has been doing, brands should also follow the storytelling approach and incorporate this in their content marketing. Brands must look at their past experiences and try to hook people into their messaging.

Wistia offers video hosting and video marketing tools and so, there is no wonder why their content marketing is so strong. Check out their learning center and you will come across a range of latest content that is relevant to their audience, although it looks like a simple page with white papers and blogs. Similar to Netflix, Wistia involves itself in indirectly showcasing its products along with actionable advice with an added dose of humor.

Takeaway: Brands must always think of a unique medium to present their content. For instance, B2B marketers must consider transforming their content into a TV format.

There is no wonder why content marketing has become a standalone industry of its own. We have heard about plenty of content marketing tools such as SEMrush,, Story Chief, Percolate and many more, all built with the purpose of enhancing the content marketing experience. Yes, most of the top marketers use these tools to redefine their customer experience, but the important thing is the consistency with which they create content.

Most successful brands create content that is relatable, shareable, interesting and substantial. And, this is the need of the hour.

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