Burger King introduces celebrity ‘Keep It Real Meal’

The campaign is reminiscent of McDonald’s highly successful “Famous Orders” campaign that spotlights the favorite meals of musicians including Travis Scott, J Balvin, BTS  and most recently, Saweetie.

Burger King’s campaign includes three ads from the agency David that feature the celebrities participating in a face-off between their celebrity personas and their real selves. The Nelly ad shows him squaring off against Cornell Haynes Jr. (his real name).  The “Cornell Haynes Jr Meal” includes a Whopper, small fries and a small Sprite.  

Lil Huddy’s meal is called the “The Chase Hudson Meal”and includes a hand-breaded spicy chicken sandwich with cheese, 4-piece mozzarella sticks and a 16-ounce chocolate shake. Anitta’s meal is the “Larissa Machado Meal” and includes the meatless Impossible Whopper with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and mustard, small fries and a small Sprite. (The meals are not completely free of artificial ingredients, of course: a Sprite contains sodium citrate and sodium benzoate, for example)

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