Monday, February 6, 2023

Social media has ingrained itself into peoples’ daily lives and habits. Some people are so dependent on it that they check their social media feeds as soon as they wake up.

Marketers and companies swarm to social platforms in the hopes of interacting with their target clients because social media is so important to consumers’ lives. On the other hand, social media is overrun with content, and there is fierce rivalry. Without a clear social media marketing approach, it may be difficult for you to stand out. Keeping up with the most recent social media trends can support your plan and help you stand out from the competition.

The most significant social media trends are listed here.

  1. Social media crisis management will be crucial

Platforms for social media have developed into a means of rapidly disseminating information. This covers both minor and significant problems. One seemingly tiny problem can grow into a much larger one if it is ignored, harming your organization in a big way, including financially and reputationally. Additionally, adopting social media as a crisis management strategy might assist companies in winning back their audience’s trust. Up to 81% of survey participants thought social media has improved businesses and accountability. According to the same study, 89% of consumers believe that a company may win back their trust if it is transparent, which means it takes action to acknowledge its error and outline what it will do to fix it.

Social media can be used as a potentially effective crisis management tool given how it is increasingly used by people as well as corporations.

  1. Social media will continue to be a popular means of shopping.

We saw the continuous growth of social commerce in 2022, which allowed users of social media to buy things right there on social media. Social media sites are anticipated to keep growing in popularity as consumer purchasing destinations in 2023.

The social media platforms will be dominated by short-form and bite-sized content.

The majority of web material is anticipated to be video content in the upcoming years. Given that 86% of companies are already employing video as a marketing tool, this projection is pertinent. The focus will be on bite-sized and short-form material, though. Given that 73% of consumers prefer to watch a brief video to learn more about a product or service, according to the same survey, they can be great tools for marketing and teaching in addition to perhaps increasing audience engagement.

With the average human attention span currently being just eight seconds, brands can still drive engagement with bite-sized content like short-form videos.

  1. The Environment and Sustainability Will Be Given More Priority

Buzzwords related to the environment are gradually fading into obscurity. Consumers of today want to make an effect, not just hear platitudes about sustainability and the environment. Furthermore, 82% of customers want businesses to put the two Ps—people and planet—ahead of profit in order to prioritize the two Ps instead of profit. They expect brands to take action on environmental challenges. Brands are predicted to take action to perform better in the market by the end of the next year.

  1. The Use of AI in Post Recommendations Will Be Significant

The year 2023 will be much bigger for AI. As user involvement rises, more content will likely be recommended by AI on social media platforms.

  1. Interactive Advertising Will Gain Ground

New avenues for user participation have been made possible by the development of extended reality technologies like AR and VR. Filters are a common application for such technology. They can also be utilised to give consumers of a company better buying experiences, for example, through interactive advertisements. Instead of blocking ads using ad blockers or avoiding them altogether, this kind of advertising enables users to take part in the ad experience. Users are more likely to interact with a certain brand or product if they are allowed to take part in such a “experience.”

  1. The Human Touch Will Have a Greater Impact

Brands have encouraged their audience to take part in their campaigns or produce their own content showcasing their brand in 2022, which helped user-generated content gain popularity. This trend is most likely to continue growing over the coming year as brands use the human touch to foster authenticity and increase engagement. As brands become more interactive, audience involvement may start to take on a more “casual” tone. Instead of the traditional meticulously manicured image that audiences are used to seeing, brands might start utilising more conversational tones or doing actions to make their image more approachable and accessible to their target demographic.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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