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Twitter reacts to TSM tweet as its social media manager apologizes

TSM tweet has taken over Twitter as people are calling it out for being insensitive. The tweet has now been…

By Staff , in Social Media , at June 17, 2021

TSM tweet has taken over Twitter as people are calling it out for being insensitive. The tweet has now been deleted, and the social media manager of the TSM Twitter account has come out and apologized.

Social media has been buzzing with tweets from people calling out TSM. Several people thought one of the tweets made by the account joked about mental health. Even though TSM has responded in a statement, Twitter users are still upset over the tweet.

Twitter reacts to TSM tweet

Several users on Twitter called out TSM after they posted a picture that many thought glorified suicide. The tweet was made after the team lost during LCS Spring 2021 and VCT Challengers 3.

The tweet was quickly deleted from the account. However, several people have caught wind of it and have been reacting to it on social media. “Glad that TSM deleted that post-game tweet because that was…poor taste may be an understatement,” read one comment.

“I didn’t see the tweet and for my own mental state I’m not going to look but seriously what the f**k TSM,” wrote another. “Geez TSM. Why would you tweet that?” read another comment.

After the tweet got a lot of attention, social media manager Duncan ‘Dunc’ Cox apologized for his mistake. He wrote, “Just want to apologize for using the wrong image for a sad meme. I completely misjudged the template until it was pointed out. Amateur mistake and I won’t let it happen again.”

He continued, “I’m truly sorry to those that I may have offended. I really did not mean to cause offence. It was a straight copy and paste in a quick action. I thought the guy was walking away from the chair and he kicked it over in frustration. I really hope you can forgive me.”

He ended the post by writing, “I’ve been a big outspoken voice for mental health, suicide and everything that comes with it. I wouldn’t joke, have never joked, and did not mean to have it come out as a joke. I really really am sorry.”

TSM releases a statement following the tweet

In a statement, TSM addressed the tweet and wrote, “Mental health is a huge priority, especially during these difficult times. It is not a subject to be laughed at or made into a meme. We have reviewed the situation with the person who posted the tweet and we understand that while this was not his intention, he knows that this was a huge mistake. Moving forward, processes are now in place to prevent something like this from happening again.”

The statement continued, “For those of you that know Dunc, please know that it was an honest mistake and is focused on educating himself, and has committed to working to rebuild trust within our community. Rest assured that we have taken this situation very seriously not only as an organization but as the people who work for it. You may not know the spirit of who works for TSM, but we do. We strive to build a positive community around something that we all are very passionate about. We will learn from this mistake but please refrain from personal attacks and threats.”

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