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The 8 Best Social Media Automation Platforms Worth Paying Attention To

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list of the best social media automation platforms in 2021 based on…

By Staff , in Social Media , at October 12, 2021

Best Social Media Automation Platforms

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list of the best social media automation platforms in 2021 based on their reputation, service offerings, and overall experience.

Social media marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of a successful marketing strategy. However, since each platform has different trends and rules to follow, it can also be time-consuming. There are plenty of social media marketing tools that can help, but finding one with the capabilities is easier said than done. To help make your search a bit easier, our editors have profiled some of the best social media automation platforms worth considering.

The social media automation solutions and tools on this list can go a long way toward streamlining how your company interacts with its audience, expands its brand awareness, and creates meaningful connections with prospective and active customers. The providers on this list were selected using a meta-analysis that combines user sentiment across the web’s most trusted software review sites with our internal criteria. The providers are listed in alphabetical order.

Social Media Automation Platforms Worth Paying Attention To

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module offers companies a suite of social media automation tools designed to help its users extract value from their social media presence, improve their brand’s reputation across social media platforms, and boost engagement with target audiences. The Advanced Social Media Module includes social media campaigns, social media listening, social media advocacy, social media reporting, and other functionalities.

ContentStudio is a content and social media management platform for agencies, small businesses, and large teams. The platform’s social media automation capabilities can help marketers optimize content automation campaigns, set predetermined posting times for multiple social channels, bulk upload social posts, automatically reshare evergreen content, and more. ContentStudio even offers AI-generated captions that save you time and help avoid duplication.

MeetEdgar is a social media automation tool for entrepreneurs operating independently or as part of a small business. The platform can automatically share posts to Facebook pages and groups, Instagram feeds and stories, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Other features include unlimited scheduled posts, A/B testing options, link tracking, and more. The Edgar tool will also catalog the updates your team creates, sort them into customizable categories, and publish them based on your set scheduling prerequisites.

SALESmanago is a no-code CDP and marketing automation platform that combines advanced analytics and AI-powered automation to provide customizable experiences for fashion, finance, travel, beauty, pharmacy, and other markets. The service’s social media capabilities include automation tools for scheduling posts, ad campaigns, Facebook Messenger conversations, Facebook ad management, customer data collection, event tracking, and more.

SharpSpring provides agencies and enterprises with a suite of sales and marketing automation tools to help improve conversion rates. The company’s interactive social media management application allows users to post instantly, schedule ahead, develop campaigns, share content across different platforms, monitor conversions with social listening tools, trigger automations, and more. SharpSpring also allows for unlimited profiles and users on its single platform.

SocialPilot is a SaaS social media marketing tool designed for small businesses, individual professionals, agencies, and enterprises. Features include a social media analytics tool, a social inbox where users can respond to comments and posts, content curation feeds, visualized social calendars, bulk scheduling, client and user management capabilities, and more. The platform also allows users to create and manage over 50 social profiles across platforms.

Sprout Social‘s automation tools can help companies optimize their social interactions, improve efficiency, and personalize their content. The platform has a collection of features for social media analytics, engagement, publishing, automated scheduling, social listening, collaboration, workflows, bot builders, and customizable inbox rules that can reliably and automatically categorize, manage, and measure your inbound marketing messages.

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