Michael Dallas-Petersen – A Serial Social Media Agency Entrepreneur

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Photo Credit: Michael Peterson

Michael Dallas-Petersen was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. All of his work on business automation and system development is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he uses to help support and grow his family. In a nutshell, he has a stunning wife and two incredible sons, with plans to have two more.

Michael Dallas-Petersen is an incredible role model for those aspiring to work in the social media agency industry. He’s a serial entrepreneur with experience in the social media agency and the ability to develop and automate business processes that aid companies in cost reduction and transparency.

He shared some of his major skills with us, including automating the prospecting phases of businesses until they become sales calls, automating the income and expense part of a business so numbers are accurate to the day and organized in a way that understands where each dollar is coming and going, building a sequence from advertising platforms such as Facebook, and ensuring leads are qualified.

According to him, each business always has complex tasks that are hard to tackle. Michael Dallas-Petersen throws them to his team of Virtual Assistants who have the expertise to handle such complex tasks. He hopes for the best in the future in every way possible, knowing that there has never been a better time to use the internet, connections, and relationships. He despises excuses and always crushes them with appropriate actions.

Michael has to do something every day for the seven days of the week, which he feels is the road to his greatness, and the distinction between where he is and where he needs to be is what he does, to fully comprehend this.

He spends every day of his life working on automation and business processes in order to keep going forward in his life. He is a risk-taker who works tirelessly to make things happen, using his excellent listening skills to provide the best service to all of his clients. Michael Dallas Petersen works hard to develop a successful company so that he can provide for his family. This is evident from the fact that his company already generates about $100k a month.

He may refer to agency operators, cosmetic dentists who conduct dental implants, and mortgage brokers who have loan officers who are able to use cutting-edge technology.

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