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Million Dollar MarketerTM : New Launch Membership for New Entrepreneurs

WILLIAMSBURG , VA, UNITED STATES , January 14, 2023 / — Million Dollar MarketerTM, a full service digital marketing agency, announced the opening of their new comprehensive membership program on January 15, 2023, with more than 40 online courses. These entrepreneurship courses cover all aspects of starting an internet business for the early entrepreneur, and new members get access to everything.

The founder is Margery Hinman, CEO, and serial entrepreneur. She has taught online since 2004 and has written training courses and tutorials about running an online business. Among her many achievements, she started and sold several million-dollar businesses and has earned certifications over the past 20 years in various aspects of online marketing. “This membership really takes all the uncertainty out of starting a new online business,” she states. “We’ve kept it simple for our members since everything is laid out step-by-step.” Indeed, just about everything you’d ever want to know about starting an online business is included in these easy-to-implement tutorials.

The Million Dollar MarketerTM membership courses cover the basics of getting a new business started, along with easy-to-understand tutorials on creating profitable business ideas, finding the ideal customers and clients, and creating the perfect offer for your business.

The Million Dollar MarketerTM courses include subjects for new entrepreneurs, like social media setup, sales funnels, website planning and design, online marketing, getting traffic, paid and unpaid advertising, email marketing strategies, and search engine optimization.

“These are really comprehensive, full length tutorials for anyone looking to work from home” Ms. Hinman says. Other career courses include video marketing, ebook creation and marketing, setting up a coaching business, affiliate marketing, membership site ownership, online course ownership, blogging, and writing for a living.

Finally, members can learn individual business skills in courses such as copywriting, content marketing, video production and editing, graphic design, business branding, and more. Literally, thousands of lessons and hundreds of videos for the new entrepreneur are available in various subjects, depending on the member’s interest, and more are planned for 2023 and beyond.

The courses are continually updated to provide members with the highest-level learning experience.

“Online learning is only a small part of the learning process,” Hinman says. “It’s important to have a place where members can get quick answers to their questions.” For this reason, members have unlimited access to private forums where they talk to business coaches, mentors, and other marketing experts as they proceed through the courses.

For members who wish to have more direction beyond what’s inside the courses and tutorials, Million Dollar MarketerTM offers group coaching services through a related program called MDM Business Accelerator, with weekly conferences, direct email guidance, and direct access to mentors. The MDM Business Accelerator and one-on-one private coaching services begin in February 2023.

Beta testing for the membership has proven successful and is still ongoing throughout the prelaunch phase.

With so much to choose from, the Million Dollar MarketerTM training tutorials, courses, and community, along with expert mentorship assistance and guided instruction, are sure to help any entrepreneur who wants to take their new business to the next level.

Million Dollar MarketerTM has a free ebook available on their website called “The Proven 38-Steps to Your New Online Business” for new entrepreneurs, which outlines all the steps their experts recommend for starting a new business. It’s a comprehensive guide of the startup process, including links and resources. It contains all the steps that entrepreneurs need for starting a new business and also warns new business owners of some of the pitfalls to watch for as they proceed through the steps.

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