Monday, February 6, 2023

The website I need help with is is PASSWORD PROTECTED
User: znhaavgtby
Pass: x4GbP78dzT
I have successfully installed the WCFM plugin and created a registration form I just need OTP to work directly

To enable OTP (One-time Password) functionality in the WCFM plugin, you must install and activate an additional plugin that provides OTP functionality.
One such plugin you can use is the “WCFM – SMS & Email Verification” plugin. This plugin enables OTP verification for user registration, vendor registration, and vendor product submission. It also allows you to configure SMS and email templates for the OTP verification process.

Thank you for your help
Is this plugin free?
Kindly share the plugin URL.
Also, will it support Google Firebase free sms for OTP?

Kindly guide me
Thank you!

WooCommerce Frontend Manager (WCFM) is a plugin that provides frontend management capabilities for WooCommerce-powered online stores. While WCFM has a free version, it also offers a paid version called WCFM Marketplace that provides additional features and functionality.
The free version of WCFM includes a range of basic frontend management features, such as managing products, orders, and customers from the front end of your website. The paid version of WCFM, WCFM Marketplace, offers advanced features such as multi-vendor support, advanced reporting, and more.
In summary, WCFM has both free and paid versions, you can use the free version for basic features and upgrade to the paid version for advanced features.
will it support Google Firebase free sms for OTP?
The WCFM plugin does not natively support sending OTP via Google Firebase free SMS service. However, it does provide an option for sending OTP via email which is the default option.

Thank you!

Now i can use it just through email OTP Verfication or with number also?

Also, kindly share plugin URL

There are many plugins with similar name but I tried 2 plugins it doesn’t work properly

Thanks in Advance!

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