Monday, February 6, 2023
Create Vertical Videos from your Desktop or Laptop.

Discover how to create vertical videos on your desktop or laptop and tap into billions of views on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. No one else will teach you how to create vertical videos like this. You can literally sit at your desk in front of your desktop or laptop and do this all day if you wanted to.

At some point everyone needs an actual plan to get traffic.

And when that plan includes FREE traffic even better.

If you want free traffic in 2023 this is the absolute best way to do it…

You can tap into billions of views instantly.

1) You record a special style of short video less than 60 seconds long showing your site, sales page, squeeze page, webinar signup form, affiliate product, pick any site or page on the Internet that you want to put directly in front of people.

2) Upload them to YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook as reels. Write a description with keywords and use hashtags.

3) Even if you have zero following the algorithm will show your video to people already watching videos about those things.

And why would they do that?

To keep people on their platforms longer by showing people more of the topic they want to see.

Create as many of these videos as you want on your desktop or laptop.

No dealing with your smartphone.

You don’t have to show your face….

You sit on your butt making videos about your site and the stuff you are promoting.

It’s literally that simple –

Click Here…

Anyone can do this, these videos are easy to create once you know how.

And Mark shows you step-by-step.

There’s a coupon code still activated on the sales page so take advantage right now.


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