Monday, February 6, 2023

Yes, it’s more of that pre-sentient AI everybody loves, ChatGPT! But first, we take a look at CallRail’s 2023 Marketing Outlook for Law Firms.

As a devotee of Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, CallRail’s 2023 Marketing Outlook for Law Firms offers you the chance to see how well you’ve been following along. But, regardless of whether the report surprises you, the takeaways are crucial. Gyi and Conrad break down some of the most significant findings and give you the context you need to understand how they should impact your practice.

And, you know we couldn’t leave it alone. Everyone’s favorite subject—ChatGPT—is still top of mind. With Google flip flopping on whether AI content will help or hurt your site, should you be using it? Avoiding it? The guys break down the pros, cons, and today’s best practices, so you’re ready for tomorrow.

The News:

  • Lawyerist and Affinity have tied the knot. Congrats to the happy couple!
  • Google’s messed with stuff again, but at least they told us how, so you can adjust how you look at your metrics.
  • And DoNotPay will… well, PAY a cool million if you let a computer feed you arguments in front of the Supreme Court.

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