Influencers Pick Their Favorite Creator Economy Startups: List

  • As the number of influencers grows, so does the number of startups dedicated to filling their needs.
  • We asked creators which of these startups they love to use and why.
  • Their favorites included everything from fintech Karat to video-editing service Kapwing.

As creators have become more prevalent, and the ways that they make money have multiplied, so have the startups that support them.

Last year, dozens of influencer-adjacent companies launched, and more than $5 billion was poured into startups that help creators with business and content challenges, according to The Information. 

Creators now have a plethora of options when it comes to which startups they work with, and startups exist that do everything from banking and invoicing to adding subtitles.

“It validates the industry so much more when you’re seeing something like venture capital funding and millions of dollars are invested in startups,” micro influencer Lissette Calveiro told Insider.

Insider spoke with a dozen influencers about the creator economy startups that they like working with the most.

Some found content-related startups the most useful. Their examples included the Tezza App, which allows users to create custom filters, and Jellysmack, which helps creators repurpose videos for multiple platforms.

Others cited companies that offer ways for creators to grow their businesses. For example, multiple creators said that Fourthwall, which recently raised $17 million, had helped them develop and sell merchandise.

“If you’re in any content creator space, it’s constantly evolving,” said Tanya Marie Zielke, a content creator on TikTok and Instagram. “We’re always looking for new tools to get additional streams of income. Any entrepreneur is, right?”

This list is focused only on creator-specific startups, though a number of creators mentioned more general products that they use in their day-to-day lives, like the communication app


, project management firm Notion, and editing platform Canva.

Here are the influencers’ picks for their favorite creator economy startups and why (we excluded startups they had invested in or had a current paid relationship with): 

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