Monday, February 6, 2023

A pedestrian hurries by the Twitter offices, tweeting an opinion about the trailer for Ari Aster’s new movie.

Rather than waste time and effort scrolling through social media to find the best opinions about cinema, Twitter user @garaboldin has saved us all a lot of hassle with the introduction of the miraculous “Film Twitter Take Generator.”

Created on Perchance, a random text generator, the Take Generator is exactly what you’d expect. Head to the website, click on a button, and enjoy the chaos of a system that spits out posts like “if i was in Jojo Rabbit it wouldn’t have gone down like that,” “craaazyyyy that they never made a sequel to The Irishman,” and “If you think The Lighthouse is unproblematic you need to TOUCH GRASS.”

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When interviewed by Mashable about the generator, @garaboldin said that they customized the text generator by “throwing in whatever sounds overly confident and variables that would make it sound extremely stupid.” Messing around with AI models, like the Twitter user who inspired the work, might create a wider array of post formats, but this simpler approach functions just as well.

To see what we mean by that, check out 10 of our favorite results below.

  • 10. “stop with all these Jurassic World reboots and just add dinosaurs to Vertigo

  • 9. “best movie to describe my politics is probably Zootopia. it just resonates with me on a personal level”

  • 8. “SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR HAS JUST JOINED THE MCU—reportedly playing Kurang The Champion of Skullax.”

  • 7. “why do people keep talking about Baby’s Day Out!!! despise this trend of movies made for class conscious people”

  • 6. “If Marvel wanted to do something interesting they would’ve made Crimes of the Future in the style of Neil Breen—would’ve worked so well”

  • 5. “imagining someone watching Office Space and not realizing you ARE supposed to identify with the protagonist LOL”

  • 4. “don’t think anything out there displays why cinema is dying as masterfully as Shanghai Noon tbh”

  • 3.Mulholland Drive is basically the same as all that MCU slop”

  • 2. “if someone pointed a cannon at your toes and told you to choose only ONE Mary-Kate Olsen movie which one would you pick?”

  • 1. “if I had to rank the best movies of the last 100 years… it’d have to be Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, followed by Bohemian Rhapsody and Inside Llewyn Davis

And, before we leave you to go out and create your own randomized film Twitter takes, here’s a bonus post to fire your imagination:

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